Parametric Pavilions

This prototype bamboo parametric pavilion was developed at Kamath Design Studio for an institutional client requiring a number of semi-permanent, flexible-use, outdoor structures. The objective is to develop a family of pavilions which can be constructed as and when the programmatic needs of the institution require more structures. Each instance of the pavilion will reflect the variations in the site conditions and usage.

A Rendering of the Pavilion
Parametric Variation 1
Parametric Variation 2

A Grasshopper definition was created that takes four points as input and uses them to create a hypar. A profile curve and column positions are then used to create a pavilion from a patch of the hypar.

The Grasshopper Model of the Pavilion
The Grasshopper Definition

The Grasshopper definition provides the heights of the columns and a RhinoScript gives beam lengths and intersection distances. This allows the structure to be built using only linear dimensions to construct a fairly complex structure.

Linear Measurements for the Beams

The construction details for the pavilion were developed in collaboration with Darshan Lal, a bamboo craftsman who has worked with the studio on a number of projects in the past. The first pavilion is currently under construction in Delhi.

Photo: Anuradha Agarwal

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