An Inspirational Bamboo Mobile Home

Dai Haifei's Mobile Egg-Shaped House (Source:

I often lament that I rarely see architecture that I ‘really like’ and wish that I had designed. So I was ecstatic when I signed out of my Yahoo email this morning and saw THIS staring me in the face! I find it inspirational that someone has achieved what I have been contemplating and researching for some time now (see my earlier posts on bamboo and weaving). I am currently working on projects with green roofs and green walls at Ball-Nogues Studio and Kamath Design Studio so I really appreciate the elegance of Dai’s solution.

Green Wall/Roof Detail from Dai's House (Source:

A complete documentation of the design and construction process can be found in this Flickr slide show and this article features an interview with Dai along with a cost analysis of the house. I only wonder if the steel reinforcement bar framework could have been avoided and the bamboo basket could have taken all the load.


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