Kaleidocycle Wall

The Kaleidocycle Wall is a kinetic, re-configurable, multi-functional accessory to urban living. It is a set of hexagonal kaleidocycles that are connected to each other in different ways so as to allow the system as a whole to posess emergent kinetic properties.

The Kaleidocycle Wall in my studio apartment.
The Kaleidocycle Wall as a light shade, sound insulation and bed side table.
A detail of the Kaleidocycle Wall as a bed side table
A variation on the bed-side configuration of the Kaleidocycle Wall.
The flexagon wall as a bicycle enclosure.

A set of CATIA models were created to analyse the kinetics of the system parametrically. Below are videos of two kinetic form studies:

The wall is made from fifty six laser cut tetrahedral chip board units. The tetrahedra are connected to each other by tape to form simple hinged joints that enable the wall to be re-configured. It took one and a half hours to laser cut the components and six hours to assemble the wall, making it an ideal weekend project.

I had first worked with flexagon kaleidocycles in 2008 while in the SMArchS programme for my project in a Shape Grammar class with Professor Terry Knight and a Digital Fabrication class with Professor Dennis Shelden. At the time I had used a simpler configuration of kaleidocycles to design a reconfigurable urban canopy that would display global adaptive behaviour from local modificaitions made by individuals to either shade themselves from the sun (thus aligning solar panels on the faces of the flexagons towards the sun) or to protect themselves from the rain (thus harvesting maximum rain water) while also displaying urban signage or advertisements approprite to the different configurations of the structure.

The kaleidocycle urban canopy (SMArchS, 2008)

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