Kamath Design Studio Website

The Kamath Design Studio website is now live at www.kamathdesign.org after many months of rewarding work with Rajesh Advani of ArchiShots. The site uses Google maps to interactively display the work of the studio in its real context, as it has been built, along with slide shows and short write-ups on projects. Currently the site features a few key projects outlining the trajectory of the studio over the last 30 odd years. We will be adding more projects from the past as well as new projects as they are completed, so please do keep checking the site for updates. The site also features a record of publications featuring the work of the studio for reference.


Great 11 minute Talk on the Use of Bamboo in Contemporary Building

An old friend of mine directed me to this talk which describes a very interesting methodology of building with bamboo using a mixture of traditional craft techniques and digital design that involves reverse engineering scale models.

An Inspirational Bamboo Mobile Home

Dai Haifei's Mobile Egg-Shaped House (Source:http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4110/5219885030_11235ab875_b.jpg)

I often lament that I rarely see architecture that I ‘really like’ and wish that I had designed. So I was ecstatic when I signed out of my Yahoo email this morning and saw THIS staring me in the face! I find it inspirational that someone has achieved what I have been contemplating and researching for some time now (see my earlier posts on bamboo and weaving). I am currently working on projects with green roofs and green walls at Ball-Nogues Studio and Kamath Design Studio so I really appreciate the elegance of Dai’s solution.

Green Wall/Roof Detail from Dai's House (Source: http://cubeme.com/blog/2010/12/03/egg-shaped-dwelling-in-beijing-by-dai-haifei/)

A complete documentation of the design and construction process can be found in this Flickr slide show and this article features an interview with Dai along with a cost analysis of the house. I only wonder if the steel reinforcement bar framework could have been avoided and the bamboo basket could have taken all the load.

Patterns and Performance: Mid-Term Review of the 2nd Year BArch Studio, SSAA

I was invited to evaluate the mid-term reviews of the 2nd year BArch design studio at the Sushant School of Art and Architecture on the 27th of September.  The studio is called Patterns and Performance and I had given an impromptu lecture to the students of this studio a few weeks earlier during a visit to the college. The studio is being taught by Abhishek Bij (an AA DRL graduate) and Srishti Bajaj (MA RCA). It was very interesting to see the students of second year respond to ideas that I had been exposed to only much later in my education. While their work was understandably ‘raw’, I can’t wait to see what happens as these ideas ‘ripen’ in the future.


This blog is a record of my work in design and photography. The term postScript reflects my belief that the ultimate expression of my design work must be physical. My primary interest is to explore the interplay between the mental, the computational and the physical dimensions of design. Though not directly related to my design work, I use photography as a means of spontaneous observation of the social, environmental and aesthetic contexts that I find myself in.